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Vendor Registration deadline March 25th, 2018

Quad Exhibitor Information

Vendor Outside  $575  

Vendor Inside (electricity) $475  

Vendor Inside (no electricity) $400  

Additional Vendor $175 

Wednesday only $175 - Thursday only $75

Current 2018 updates: 

Tech Fun Fair & Silent Auction requests and form are posted




The Jackson Laboratory

Tech Challenge ($1,000)

Mispro Biotech

General Sponsorship ($250)

PMI Labdiet

Program Printing and Signage ($1,000)


General Sponsorship ($250)

Charles River

Poster Contest ($500)

Envigo RMS, Inc.

General Sponsorship ($250)

Taconic Biosciences

Wednesday Aftrenoon Break (Beverage only) ($500)

Marshall BioResources

Wednesday Aftrenoon Break (Beverage only) ($500)

Shepherd Specialty Papers

Wednesday Aftrenoon Break (Beverage only) ($500)


General Sponsorship ($250)

Allentown Inc.

Wednesday Aftrenoon Break (Beverage only) ($500)

2018 Quad Symposium Tech Fun Fair and

Silent Auction Requests


The 2018 Quad Symposium is almost here (April 25-26, 2018) and we would like to thank you for being a confirmed vendor. At this time, we are requesting support for two additional programs:


1) The 2018 Tech-Fun-Fair: This program helps our technicians gain a deeper knowledge of the laboratory animal science industry and the products and services available. The Technician Fun Fair offers the opportunity for techs to see the “inner-workings” of our industry and all you have to offer. It will be held the morning of April 26 to hopefully increase your booth traffic.

2) The 2018 Silent Auction: Each year, we rely on our corporate partners who generously donate auction items. These gifts are displayed at individual vendor booths during the conference on Wednesday and are later bid upon by attendees during the Not-So-Silent Auction and Reception. Having a unique item at your table will increase traffic to your booth!


How can you get involved?

There are multiple ways that vendors can get involved with these two wonderful and worthwhile activities.

1) Tech-Fun-Fair

• Provide 2 questions for the “Tech Quiz” that attendees will complete

2) Silent Auction

• Donate a value-added prize for auctioning


What is in it for you as a vendor?

• Attract attendee traffic at your vendor tables during the conference (All Programs)

• Exposure to and interaction with a large number of laboratory animal science technicians who use (or could potentially use) your products (Tech-Fun-Fair)

• Fulfillment knowing that your donation supports such a wonderful event with proceeds going to keep your registration fees down (Silent Auction)


All interested companies must submit the following form to Karena Thek at kthek@bio-serv.com or Katie Allen at Kathryn Allen at Kathryn.Allen@intelliatx.com.  


Submission by March 30, 2018: Company will be formally recognized in the Program as well as related announcements/displays.

Submission between March 31 and April 13, 2018 -: Company will be recognized on posters displayed during the conference.

Submission after April 13, 2018: Support is appreciated; recognition may not be possible.

click here for
Auction & Fun Fair FORM

 QUAD Cash!!!

   What’s QUAD Cash? QUAD Cash is a fun way to increase vendor and attendee engagement during the symposium! QUAD Cash is “fake” printed money that can be handed out to attendees when visiting your booth. QUAD cash is accumulated and can be spent during the banquet for QUAD Cash designated live and silent auction items.
Each vendor that donates an item to the silent auction receives 1 FREE PACKET of QUAD Cash! Vendors can purchase additional packets of QUAD Cash for $25 per packet. Cash, check or credit card can be used to purchase additional packets.
We ask for the sake of the game, you refrain from handing an entire packet to one any customer.
    If you want to donate an item to the auction but don’t have the time or don’t want the hassle of getting it there- No problem! We’ll get an item for you. Just let us know.
If you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to reach out to our QUAD Cash/ Auction Co-Chairs Karena Thek kthek@bio-serv.com or Jessica Schiavo schiavja@delhi.edu

We look forward to seeing you in May!

New this year, QUAD will be doing a Technician Fun Fair in an effort to increase traffic in the vendor area on Thursday morning! For those of you who participate in the Fun Fair at Nationals, it is the same idea. If you are unfamiliar with the Fun Fair, it is an educational scavenger hunt with questions about the exhibiting companies. It is a great way to get attendees to learn more and interact with the vendors. We are hoping to get 1 question from each vendor that will be used to make a number of quizzes. The Fun Fair participants will need to go to the different booths to make sure they answer the questions correctly. Everyone that gets a 100% on the quiz will be put in a raffle for a chance to win a $100 gift card! The gift card will be sponsored by QUAD so unlike Nationals, we are not looking for any additional donations for prizes, just a question. If however, you would like to donate a prize, consider donating to the silent auction!

Please send a question pertaining to your company in multiple choice format (1 question, 4 answers with the correct answer highlighted!!) to kathryn.allen@intelliatx.com by Friday April 28th. Be creative and have fun with your questions! Don't make it so easy that they can figure it out too quickly.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!
~Katie and Luciana
QUAD Fun Fair Coordinators

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