QUAD 2023 Registration OPEN

When is the event: 4/24/23-4/26/23

Where is the event: 1 MGM Wy, Springfield, MA 01103


KEYNOTE: Dr. Tyler Caron, Broad Institute "Common Marmosets: Breeding, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Care"

Dr. Miriam Ferrer PhD, Cold Springs Harbor "Whole-body Response to Cancer"

Dr. Alex Ophir, Cornell University "What's love got to do with it? Impacts of Early-Life Social Experiences on Social Behavior and Monogamous Decision-Making in Prairie Voles"

Kevin Lominac, JAX "Mouse Genes and How to Maintain Them"

Sarah Pavlina-Whelehan, University of Rochester "Lessons from the ER: Incorporating CPR into Laboratory Animal Practice"

Dr. Cara Mitchell, CARE Veterinarian "Evaluation of Pain and Distress and Therapeutic Interventions for Rectal Prolapse in Mice to Reduce Early Study Removal"

Dr. Elizabeth Lavin, CARE Resident "Assessment of Oral Albendozole and Fumagillin in the Treatment of Pseudoloma nuurophilia in Adult Zebrafish"

Dr. Katherine Nolan, University of Rochester "Care and management of Unique Rodent Species"

Alexandria Moen, CBSET Inc. "Farm to Table: Challenges Associated with Raising Swine for Biomedical Research and Human Consumption"

Mini-Management Session Speakers (Day 2 PM Extra Registration Opportunity)

Travis Stein, University of Michigan "Managing Different Program Sizes- Antman Vs. Goliath"

Laura VanParys, Mass General Hospital "Listening to Feedback - Department/Personal"

Alan Ley, University of Rochester "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership"

Penny Devlin/Jenifer Booth, Hershey School of Medicine "Communication for Success, Utilizing the Gemba Walk"

If you have questions regarding CEU certificates please email us at info.quadsymposium@gmail.com

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