April 3-5th, 2024


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2019 Poster Contest Winners:

Husbandry/ Management

1st Place - Steve Poweska of Pfizer.

Poster title: 
Evaluating the Appropriate Sanitization Frequency for Rodent Caging Accessories

2nd Place - Jessica Schiavo of SUNY Delhi.

Poster title: 
Touch Screen Training in Cynomolgus Macaques

3rd Place - Damary Rosado of Harvard University.

Poster title: 
Transportation of toxic cages in OAR

Clinical/ Research

1st Place - Rachel Donocoff of Columbia University.

Poster title: 
Tamoxifen Route and Dosage Optimization of Cre Induction of the Deaf1 Gene

2nd Place - Aixiang Xue of Astra Zeneca.

Poster title: 
Improvement of tail injection/bleeding method for reliable pharmacokinetic analysis

3rd Place - Shelly Carballo of BASi, Inc.

Poster title: 
Tip Matters: Jugular Vein Catheter Patency in Sprague-Dawley Rats

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