Follow this link to learn how to get to the right tower and what address to put into your GPS! When you see this view, you'll know you're at the right place. Before leaving you car, please verify with the valet that you are at the Grand Pequot.

Car Pool

Hello friends! We’ve created a carpool to help you offer or find a ride to and from QUAD 2019. Those with extra room simply add your location, departing, and return information. Those seeking a ride can join a car that fits your travel plans. The site will give connect driver and rider with contact information to further coordinate and ensure the match will work. (ex: pick up isn’t too far out of planned route, ect.)

Travel time:
                            1. Buffalo, NY – 7 hours
                            2. Baltimore, MD – 6 hours
                            3. Syracuse, NY – 5.2 hours
                            4. West Chester, PA – 5 hours
                            5. Middlebury, VT – 4.5 hours
                            6. Scranton, PA – 4 hours
                            7. Portland, ME – 3 hours
                            8. New York, NY – 3 hours
                            9. Boston, MA – 2 hours

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